The KR-9S comes with one 10-round and one 30-round magazine, a ½”*28 threaded faux suppressor on the barrel, a side-folding stock, hinged dust cover with Picatinny rail, and adjustable standard iron sights. The polymer body makes it a highly durable weapon in every environmental condition.

All of our firearms are 100% made in the US using parts and materials made in the US, assembled by American workers after undergoing aggressive quality control.

The KR-9S is as reliable as our American-favorite KR-9 and is a great firearm with the authenticity of Kalashnikov USA™. It is a lightweight and easy to maneuver rifle with a durable finish and an ergonomic design. Get the KR-9S today to get the best hands-on experience of a semi-automatic vityaz-style submachine gun.



The KR-9S is a semi-automatic AK-style rifle based on the Russian vityaz submachine gun. It works with a closed bolt blowback operation and comes with a 16.33 inches barrel. It is chambered in 9X19MM and comes with a faux suppressor on the barrel, hence the name KR-9S. It is the closest firearm to a Russian vityaz but 100% made in the US.

The KR-9S is designed and made for vityaz lovers who prefer an AK-style rifle. It is a built-to-last and rugged firearm that comes in handy for any occasion.

  • An AK-style rifle is made on the vityaz platform to give Americans the closest experience of a vityaz-style rifle.
  • A ½”*28 threaded faux suppressor makes the rifle one of the coolest addition to your collection. You can choose the suppressor in different colors. The threaded barrel is compatible with other muzzle devices and suppressors.
  • The skeletonized vityaz-style triangle folding stock is another cool feature of the rifle.
  • One of the most dependable and robust rifle in any situation.


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